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CoPro+ is collaborative procurement taken to the next level

CoPro+ is a shared services purchasing solution developed by the Michigan Association of Counties to help public entities in Michigan find the best possible deals.

Click here to download our one-page overview.

Reasons to join CoPro+ today!:

  • NO FEES to join
  • Dividends are shared with all ordering entities
  • CoPro+ is the ONLY end-to-end procurement consortium in the country — pre-award, award and post-award
  • Shared services purchasing solution designed by and for local governments and public agencies

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Product Categories

CoPro+ was designed specifically to respond to the needs of public agencies on products and services. Each of our vendor partners is committed to providing the best materials and services, with follow-through to ensure busy purchasing officials do not lose precious time. If you need it – and need it fast – CoPro+ is the place for you. See our FAQs Sheet for more details.