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Reduced Workload

CoPro+ is a shared services solution that provides end-to-end collaborative procurement support. From development of the statement of work, to drafting solicitations, to award and contract administration.

A lot of time and dollars are spent managing the procurement process. CoPro+ services can be used in one phase or all phases to support your entity’s effort to manage and reduce workload.

Competitive Pricing

As an ordering entity you can save critical financial resources by leveraging your demands with the demands of other public entities to drive pricing down.

CoPro+ ensures competitive pricing through the management of demands, publicly posting of bids and willingness to negotiate strategic deals with suppliers.

Dividends Paid Back

As an ordering entity you are rewarded as shareholder in the CoPro+ program. CoPro+ is not only a shared services solution it is a shared revenue program as well.

About Us

Shared services solution

In 2011, the Michigan Association of Counties (MAC) heard from member counties about the effects of cuts in revenue on their staffs and their ability to efficiently provide public services. The common themes were fewer staffers, less time and insufficient technology to handle public purchasing requirements. Other Michigan cooperative purchasing programs did not collaborate with local units of government or offer web-based technology to make ordering easy.

In response,  MAC created CoPro+ (Collaborative Procurement + more).

The plus makes the difference

The CoPro+ program is SIMILAR to other cooperative purchasing consortia:

  • All solicitations are publicly posted and bid
  • Public entities evaluate and sign off on all contract awards
  • Competitively priced products and services are offered
  • Services meet the requirements of MCL 124.504

BUT IT DIFFERS from other purchasing consortia:

  • NO FEES to join
  • Free eProcurement platform upon request
  • End-to-end procurement support (Post-award contract administration is critical to ensuring a good value is received throughout the contract period and not just in the initial year.)
  • Shares revenue with every active entity participant
  • Pick–n–click ordering catalog

eProcurement platform

CoPro+ is the only cooperative that waives the fees for an off-the shelf eProcurement platform that can be customized.

Ordering made easy by:

  • Centralized eProcurement web-based catalog (Pick-n-Click)
  • Customized spend controls (Hierarchy approval process through budget controls, account codes and cost centers)
  • Automated purchase orders system

Shipping and Ordering made easy by:

  • Automated and standardized supply chain ship notices and invoices
  • PO and invoice verification and reconciliation into local accounting system

Contract Management made easy by:

  • Reports and SLA management
  • Dispute resolution and contract closeout

Saving and sharing

Save money

  • No cost to join program
  • Competitive pricing on quality products and services to save program resources
  • eProcurement platform fees waived for active program participants (Off-the-shelf IT solution valued at $100,000.)
  • No minimum order requirements
  • Volume discounts regardless of size of public entity

Save time

Recent cuts have had a big impact on purchasing personnel in each community across the state. The CoPro+ solution is designed to support your department in meeting the demands of internal local government customers by utilizing a cooperative purchasing program to save time. Cooperative purchasing is authorized under the Michigan Compiled Laws 124.504 Section 4, which states: 

“A public agency of this state may exercise jointly with any other public agency of the state or with a public agency of any other state of the United States or with a public agency of the Dominion of Canada or with any public agency of the United States government, any power, privilege or authority which such agencies share in common and which might exercise separately.”

The CoPro+ solution is designed to meet all your purchasing needs. Some purchasing coops focus just on products. CoPro+, by contrast, was designed to assist with commodity contracts (products and supplies), MRO contracts (Maintenance, Repair & Operation, i.e., painting, roofing, waste management, snow removal, lawn care, janitorial) and service contracts (auditing, financial, IT, temporary staffing services).

If you don’t have enough staff or hours in the year to handle all the purchasing requests of your local government customers, you need CoPro+ TODAY. This program is designed specifically for purchasing personnel in local governments.

We share

CoPro+ is the ONLY cooperative purchasing organization in the country that shares collected fees with every active participant on every sponsored contract in the form of dividend. The no. 1 goal is to support local public entities with contracts that provide quality products and services at the best price. And we meet it while also ensuring all supplier fees that are collected are shared with active participants. No other cooperative purchasing consortium operates in this way.