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FAQs about CoPro+

What is CoPro+?

+ CoPro+ is Collaborative Procurement plus. It is a shared services solution program created in response to addressing concerns about procurement needs at the local government level. CoPro+ is a statewide cooperative that also offers procurement support at every phase of the procurement process.

How much does it cost to become a CoPro+ member?

+ Nothing. There’s no charge to be a member. Unlike other cooperatives, CoPro+ does not charge a membership fee.

Who bids out the contracts?

+ An independent host organization (a political subdivision such as a state, county, city, township, school district or public higher education institution) approves of the solicitation, evaluates and awards a contract through their approved government purchasing policies and processes.

Are all CoPro+ cooperative contracts publicly bid?

+ Yes. All contracts are competitively bid. CoPro+ analyzes local market rates and also reviews the Producer Price Index (PPI) to ensure we have competitive rates. CoPro+ will also use negotiations as a way to obtain the best price for your organization.

Are all CoPro+ cooperative contracts competitively priced?

+ Yes. Contracts are competitively bid and negotiated where rates are higher than industry market rates. CoPro+ analyzes market rates and also reviews the Producer Price Index (PPI) to ensure we have competitive rates based on the volume of business.

How is CoPro+ different than other cooperatives or consortiums?

+ CoPro+ offers support at every phase of the procurement process. Also, CoPro+ is the only cooperative/consortium in the country that shares in revenue collected from contractor administrative fees with their members.

How do I register to become a member of CoPro+?

+ Visit coproplus.org to fill out the registration form and then CoPro+ will assign a unique participating member number.

Do I need a code to access CoPro+?

+ Yes. The member number will be your code to access the CoPro+ website. The website will have contract information and details regarding each procurement. Also, the member number allows us to track your spending with contractors so that you may receive a dividend based on your transactions with CoPro+ suppliers.

Are bid documents and summaries available for participating entities looking to piggyback?

+ Yes. Bid documents and evaluation summaries and recommendation memos are available for review by participating entities.

Can CoPro+ provide an assessment of our government’s purchasing process, policies and procedures?

+ Yes. CoPro+ will offer a strategic procurement assessment. The assessment will be both a qualitative and quantitative assessment. THE ASSESSMENT IS FREE.

Click here to download our FAQ sheet