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Products & Services

Our Approach

CoPro+ is a shared services solution for public entities and qualifies as a best practice model. CoPro+ was developed by the Michigan Association of Counties (MAC) in response to feedback received from public entities confronted with reduced revenues and increasing workloads. Public officials advised us that there was not a public consortium that provided:

  1. an end-to-end solution
  2. shared revenue to ordering entities
  3. a web-based procurement platform to simplify the ordering process
  4. both commodity and service contracts

The CoPro+ approach is to provide a shared services solution that will provide an end-to-end solution. Most consortium programs stop once the contract is awarded. MAC understands that providing contract administration and post-award services is critical to ensuring an entity receives the best value.

The CoPro+ approach is to provide a shared revenue program, which shares in the administrative fees collected. Some consortium programs don’t share fees collected, while others share fees only on certain contracts and yet others share fees only with the association that advances their program. MAC’s approach is to share in the fees, no matter how big or small. Your dividend is dependent upon your level of participation.

The CoPro+ approach is to provide a web-based solution that makes things easier for participating entities to order and manage their portfolio of requests, from commodities to services. MAC did not want to burden ordering entities with reviewing large government documents to find their item and price.

School Districts

CoPro+ is a shared services solution that provides end-to-end collaborative procurement support.

Counties and Municipalities

As an ordering entity, you can save critical financial resources by leveraging your demands with the demands of other public entities to drive down prices.


As an ordering entity, you are rewarded as a shareholder in the CoPro+ program.